Every Celebrity Mentioned In Madonna’s ‘Vogue’ Is Now Dead

For a while, it looked like U2 were killing off pop artists and beat poets.

Roy Lichtenstein

William Burroughs

Allen Ginsberg

Their work with U2 was the last they completed. Lichtenstein animated some of his work for use in the Pop Mart tour, Burroughs appeared in the “Last Night On Earth” video (pushing a shopping cart down a vacant St Louis freeway), and Ginsberg recited a poetic version of the song “Miami.”

Also, Bono wrote a song called “Mystery Girl” for Roy Orbison, which ended up being the last song he would record (and the name of his final album). He wrote a song for Sinatra (“Two Shots of Happy, One Shot Of Sad,”) who died before he record it. Luckily, the song he penned for Willie Nelson (“Slow Dancing”) broke the curse.

(Source: rhapsodyinvinyl, via blueguitar)